Refund policy

Read Refund policy points carefully:

  • In the case that the order has been processed or already shipped/ dispatched – the company shall not consider a request for a refund according to the Refund policy.
  • Once the payment is done your order can neither be cancelled nor be refunded.
  • Customers should provide information. This is correct, relevant, especially the residential addresses. The company is in no way responsible for inconveniences arising out of incorrect shipping addresses.

Our Refund Policies

  • If the shipped products are damaged in any way, will provide a refund for the booked order.
  • In the case that the products are not delivered within the span of 30-35 working days from the date of booking, the company shall process a full refund of the booked order.
  • In the case of re-booking an order, will re-ship the order at no extra cost to the customer.
  • There shall be no refund in a reshipped order.
  • Customers should contact customer support via email or phone to address their queries.
  • There is no refund if the payment is done. We ship the order the moment you paid for your product. Please consider this policy seriously.
  • An order once processed, shall not be refunded. Through hassle-free shipping procedures and policies as per Refund policy, we wish to pave way for a long-lasting customer relationship.
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